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How Digital and Print Marketing Grows Your Brand

Brand-Centric Marketing & Advertising Services by Mance Multimedia, LLC

There’s no point in building a brand if you don’t promote it. If you have built a cohesive brand identity, designed beautiful graphics, produced a powerful video, then you should definitely promote and apply it across various traditional and non-traditional media. 

This not only includes printing your business cards and brochures but acquiring advertising and marketing swag. Remember, what gets repeated gets remembered. You should have a routine marketing and advertising budget.

Buying Ads & Sponsorships 

Seek and spend to be in front of your target audience.

Go back to your discovery meeting, and remember the discussion about who your target customer is. Take that information, and compare it to any sponsorship or advertising opportunity that is presented to you.

By now you can see how having a brand identity plays a strong role in your decision-making process, serving as a system to guide your marketing & advertising. Brands without an identity don’t have to ask if they should or should not spend $2,000 to sponsor that golf event. Instead, they ask “does this fit my marketing goals” or “will my target audience see this.”

Mance Multimedia, LLC provides media management services in which we seek, qualify and purchase advertising on your behalf – strategically aligning with your goals and marketing plan. Some companies like to purchase their own advertising, so we remain available for consultations as needed.

Printing Is Still Important

Your decides your media

It’s easy to say printing is obsolete in the digital/social media world, but we say “not so fast!”

Often, your audience needs and prefers tangible items they can old in their hands. From that coffee table magazine, to a business card, printing is still valuable.

Mance Multimedia, LLC provides printing acquisition services and often has access to wholesale pricing to our customer’s benefit. This saves customers time searching a bevy of vendors to try and get the lowest price, as it’s our job to be good stewards with your budget.

Invest In Collateral To Keep Your Brand In The Public Eye

Remember, what gets repeated gets remembered!

From company uniforms to tradeshow booths, it’s important to treat all aspects of your brand as “touchpoints.” 

Having your company vehicle wrapped, your staff wearing the same polo to the golf outing, or investing in a uniquely designed tradeshow booth all play a part in reinforcing your brand.

Mance Multimedia, LLC can manage and provide production assistance with this process. From optimizing graphics for each product, to managing the process of ordering and having the items delivered to your place of business – we are here to serve as your media partner.

Quick responses, better prices, and fresher designs than the other local advertising companies I usually deal with. You can't go wrong with this company.
Danny Best
Danny Best
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FMB | Flip My Brand - A 5-Point Branding Framework by Mance Multimedia, LLC

While the 5-Point branding framework focuses on the key areas of growing your brand, it is important to remember that you have to promote what you build. People can’t recognize what they don’t see and hear. 

The Glenn Davis Campaign utilized the FMB Framework to win a special election. As a part of that victory, they utilized consultation from Mance Multimedia, LLC to qualify advertising opportunities – identifying the best opportunities to reach their target audience (potential voters).

Ad spending included:

  • Social Media Ads
  • Print News Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Billboard Ads

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