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How Social Media Grows Your Brand

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To say that “content is king” would sound cliche, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Social media is the modern media of choice, and everyone has some form of it.

Search engines like Google even collect information from social media for searches. To understand why that’s important, we have to understand how most people find information. 

There are two main ways people look for information on their needs, possible solutions to those needs, and solutions providers to those needs:

1.  Online Research

You must give them something to find!

Imagine going on vacation, and not knowing anyone in the area. You get online and search for information about your destination. 

This can be placed to eat, things to do, and history. You look at photos, watch videos, and check pricing information.

When potential customers are looking for information on their business and consumer needs, they search online for any brand that can help them. Complimentary to having a website, your social media populates the website with searchable content. 

The more content you have, the more authority you establish, and the more credibility you build. 

This leads us to our next point, you establish word-of-mouth advertising with social media.

2. Generate Word-Of-Mouth

Make Shareable Content

Engagement is all about likes, shares, and comments when it comes to social media. When you have content that people engage with, then social media puts that content in front of more people. 

It’s your job to share content that makes people like your brand more, feel like they know your brand more and makes people trust your brand more. This can be tips and insight on how to assist their needs, telling your story, or doing good in the world.

The idea is to get attention and build a community. Once you have their attention, you can then start to promote and sell to them.

Focus on engagement, and less on making a sale. 

Don’t Forget Paid Advertisement

Use Engagement To Build A Target Audience Profile To Promote To

Up until now, we have focused on organic social media. Many people use this passive approach to social media because it’s free, and often by-pass paid advertisement. 

Even if they do use a paid advertisement, they spend the minimal dollars needed to be effective. We encourage you to implement a routine advertising budget because brands that strategically do this are able to grow their brand bigger and faster.

Mance Multimedia, LLC offers consultation and ad management services for online marketing. We can help you produce, manage and promote your online content. Ask about your social media and media buying services.

I really wanted to learn more about how to get the word out about cancer treatments, give them hope and healing, and let them know what resources we have here. Mance Multimedia gave me great insight, ideas of how to get started, with setting up a social media presence. If you have any social media needs, Mance Multimedia is who you need to see!
Dr. Leander Cannick III
Dr. Leander Cannick III
MD, Blue Ridge Radiation Oncology

FMB | Flip My Brand - A 5-Point Branding Framework by Mance Multimedia, LLC

Social media management is an extension of the 5 Key Areas that need strategic attention in order to build and grow a recognizable brand, as it drives traffic to your website and utilizes all components of the framework to build content. 

38.6K Campaign Reach
18.2K Paid Reach
Victory with 68% of Vote

The Glenn Davis Campaign utilized the FMB Framework to win a special election. The social media campaign played a significant role in winning 68% of the vote.

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