Studies show that 90% of human decisions are made based on emotions. The Brand Gap author Marty Neumeier defines a brand as “a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization” – an emotion! So, shouldn’t businesses spend more time creating a feeling around their business? Mance Multimedia has identified 5 keys to grow your business with branding.

In the book Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch, “Marketing is getting someone – who has a need – to know, like and trust you.” So, if you strategically make your marketing “brand-centric,” your small business will become a bigger – stronger – brand!

Here are 5 areas to focus on when branding:

1. Have a brand identity | Branding: 5 Keys to growing your brand

1. Have An Identity

Every brand needs a strong identity. This isn’t just a logo, but the entire look, feel and message – presented in a way that strategically positions you to be perceived the way you want to. The key here is knowing your target audience and speaking to their needs and motivations.

Understand how you want to be viewed to your audience!

2. Make your touchpoints cohesive | Branding: 5 Keys to growing your brand

2. Integrate that Identity Through Touchpoints

What’s a strong identity system without a broad application? If you have a logo, put it in your email signature. If you order company shirts, spend the extra $X to get the color to match your brand colors. Everywhere your brand “touches” someone should look, feel, and be perceived as the same.

Hire an experienced graphic designer to help you integrate your identity across your brand.

3. Build a website | Branding: 5 Keys to growing your brand

3. Build A Website

Social media and advertising should drive people to your website, not be in place of it. Think of it like asking someone on a dinner date to your home, then wowing them with your culinary skills and hospitality! Sure, you can go out, but everyone invites people over when it gets serious!

Get serious about your business prospects and build a website!

4. Produce video content | Branding: 5 Keys to growing your brand

4. Produce Video Content

Attention spans are short, and nobody likes to read paragraphs of content. This makes video the most effective communication tool. Tell your story, share a testimonial, or even explain how your product or service works!

Focus more on Video!

5. Stay top of mind with photography | Branding: 5 Keys to growing your brand

5. Have a Photography Content Strategy

Images reinforce everything! They enhance value by illustrating what you’re trying to communicate, give insight to your personality and ultimately help grab attention – keeping you top-of-mind.

Note: Image quality can help or hurt your efforts. Hire a professional to take a batch of branding images to use in your content!

Bonus: Brand names make more money | Branding: 5 Keys to growing your brand

Bonus Insight: Bigger branding means command high dollars, and consistency and cohesiveness is the difference!  

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Branding: 5 Keys to growing your brand

Summary: 5 Keys to Grow Your Brand

  • Design a cohesive identity
  • Apply that identity system to everything
  • Build a website (social media isn’t yours)
  • Tell your story with video
  • Stay top-of-mind with photography

Mance Multimedia, LLC is a full-service agency servicing small, minority and non-profit businesses. We help small businesses grow into bigger brands through brand-centric marketing & advertising, graphic & web design, and photography & video production services. If you have a project or brand that needs to stand out, book a consultation.

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Branding: 5 Keys to growing your brand

Coming Soon: Get an all-inclusive branding system for one flat fee – including one option for under $10,000!

Packages include:

  • Branding Identity Design
  • Touchpoint Design
  • Website Design
  • 1-3 Video Productions
  • Branding Photography