Mance Multimedia CEO Michael Mance graduates SC Minority Business Accelerator Program (MBA)

Continued education and development have always been valued by Mance Multimedia, as well as having a strong business foundation. It is important to the organization to make sure we are serving the right customers, being efficient with our operations, and always adding value to our services.

Using the phrase “CEO Graduates Business Accelerator” is a big deal, because it ensures that our minority business has the necessary foundation from the top down. In fact, a three-year strategic growth action plan was created as a part of this twelve-month program.

About the SC Minority Business Accelerator Program

The Minority Business Accelerator supports and scales high-potential minority-owned firms by providing targeted training, access to business coaches, and access to large corporations. Participants leave the program with a three-year Strategic Growth Action Plan to guide their development.

Before the program, Mance Multimedia was operated more as a “freelance” organization and has since shifted to the agency model. 

We are better positioned to assist small, minority, and non-profit organizations – who aren’t generally targets of marketing and advertising agencies. 

This is our primary difference, as we are known for having better pricing, higher quality, and quicker turnarounds than most marketing and advertising agencies. In fact, our pricing is 5% lower than most marketing and advertising agencies.

Since the program, Mance Multimedia has enhanced its service offerings, and streamlined its systems and processes to better assist customers.

We have even introduced a new branding framework, specifically designed to focus on the areas that grow small brands into more recognizable and credible brands.

FMB | Flip My Brand - A 5-Point Branding Framework by Mance Multimedia, LLC

This “Flip My Brand | FMB” framework is a 5-point framework focused on 5 key areas.

  1. A Strong Brand Identity
  2. Cohesive Graphic Design
  3. A Custom Website
  4. Video Storytelling
  5. Quality Photography Content

Services like this helped Councilman Glenn Davis win a county council election, and we would love to earn your business.

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Photography by Stacey Gardin