South Carolina painting brand, Revision Painting, LLC, hires Mance Multimedia to design their new brand and logo identity. The company, owned by Mr. Tarond Williams, wanted a clean representation of its commitment to quality and customer service.

What makes a logo design effective?

Famous designer Sagi Haviv, states that the most effective logo designs are “Appropriate,” “Distinctive/Memorable,” and “Simple.” Haviv’s company, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, is responsible for the brand design of many famous brands, including “US Open,” “NBC” and “Showtime.”

So, why is this important?

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About the Mance Multimedia Logo Design Process

The Mance Multimedia design process, which includes a quality-check system, to make sure our logo designs are effective.

The checklist includes:

1. Is the logo simple (memorable)?

The simpler, and less busy, something is, the more likely it is to be remembered. Honestly, that is the purpose of a logo – to build instant recognition. If there’s too much to try to remember, the logo doesn’t work.

However, simple doesn’t have to mean boring…

2. Is the logo unique (remarkable)?

The thing that makes you go “wow, that’s cool” or “neat” is what makes a logo remarkable or “worthy of remark”. These are conversation starters, and trigger curiosity to learn more about the brand. 

So, why can’t you put too much detail?

3. Is the logo scaleable (legible)? 

A logo must be easily recognizable and legible in most sizes. That includes a large billboard, as well as a small icon on a mobile device or business card. This is where simplicity matters, as some details get lost in smaller sizes. 

And that leads to the question…

4. Is the logo relevant (appropriate)?

A logo must be appropriate for the industry expectations and the audience. A choice of the wrong font can make you seem playful and childish when you want to appeal to serious executives, and an evil scary font might not be appropriate for a children’s toy brand. Colors, symbols, and shapes all play a part in what is relevant.

So, how does the new logo for Revision Painting stack up to this checklist?

By applying the design to common applications like windows, vehicles, graphics, and more, we are able to visualize its effectiveness.

You can see the design applications below:

Mance  Multimedia provided branding and logo design services for small, minority and non-profit brands. Contact us to book your service today!

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